Here at we tend to take a back seat when it comes to reporting on the ridiculousness that spews out of Ibrox on an almost daily basis.

But, if you follow us on social media, you’ll know we do enjoy a good laugh, and well, we had to share this one with our readers.

During a recent interview with Neil Cameron of the Herald, Mark Warburton went on a massive defensive about his team’s struggles and the recent humiliation at Tynecastle.

Neil Cameron asked the under-fire manager about their position in the table.

But after 22 games you are the same distance (25 points) off Celtic are you are at the bottom of the table.

Warburton’s response…

“I’m reading in the paper Celtic are on a record-breaking run. If they won four games less, they would be 13 ahead. If we had won one of our games it would be 10. That’s how it is. They are on a record breaking run, going back how many years, so credit to them.”

As quotes go this one tickled me greatly. If you’re going to concoct a ‘what if’ scenario, why not go the whole hog and devise an outcome that leaves you sitting at the top of the league?

How low is this guy’s self-esteem that he dreams of a 10 point deficit?

If Celtic lost eight of their games this season and The Rangers won an extra game they would be on course for the league title. Gives me the shivers how close it actually is if you think about it. As close as Barry McKay’s shot at Celtic’s goal when the game was at 2-1 back in September.

While they scramble to make sense of the reality around them, Celtic continue to march towards six in a row. That’ll do me.

If you’re so inclined, you can read the full Q&A Here