It’s beyond comprehension that video evidence is not foolproof. Actual video footage of an incident played in slow motion from different angles played over and over again. What could possibly go wrong?

Celtic have already done dirty in Tynecastle as a stone wall penalty got waved off, which was put down to “teething problems.

It only took a quarter of an hour for VAR to wreck Celtic’s lead against Dundee United today, the penalty is bad enough, the yellow card brings into question the referee’s ability.

The home support only had to wait less than ten minutes to cheer a goal. Hatate picked out Jota in space down the left, and his ball across the box found Haksabanovic to slot home his first Celtic goal.

Like buses, Haksabanovic had two Celtic goals just after the half-hour mark to restore the Celt’s lead with his second goal. Celtic go down the tunnel at halftime with a 2-1 lead beating Dundee United and some horrible officiating.


  1. Nick Walsh is the var official today. The same guy who didn’t give a penalty for Celtic at Hearts when the Hearts player moves his hand towards the ball. Yet he gives a penalty when a Dundee United player heads the ball off your arm from 1 yard when you are facing the wrong way and books you. They say there isn’t an agenda against Celtic!

    Well lets look at the Dundee united player studding Giako in the stomach, this went you var but not a yellow card. So it is not an offense to stud someone in the stomach but it is if a player heads a ball onto your arm even when you can’t see the ball.

    I know no one likes to say officials have an agenda, wel don’t use this instead. Nick Walsh is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and shouldn’t be anywhere near officiating a football match.

    There is a law about bringing the game into disrepute!

    The only people bringing the Scottish game into disrepute is the officials, SPFL and the SFA! Also this game is on Celtic Tv and shown around the world, they are not only bring our game into disrepute but making our game a laughing stock around the planet!!


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