It’s the first of November so you’re in one of two camps right now; it’s time for all things Christmas or it’s time to moan about the people who think it’s all things Christmas.

This writer is in the Christmas camp and if I wasn’t well then this video would have got be in the spirit of the season.

Halloween is over now so we can look towards December and showing good will to all men (within reason) and as we start our Christmas shopping here’s a festive tune from Boli.

The video came from Rapid Wien’s social media page from two years ago. The Celtic defender on stage belting out Shakin’ Stevens for everybody in attendance.

Celtic fans have their own words to this song, but I dare not write the lyrics.

The bhoys fans usually get into the Christmas spirit and for the past few years, the last Christmas song has been a hit – although there’s no Brendan Rodgers now so who gets the Wham treatment this festive season?


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