Scottish boxer and Celtic fan Jordy McCorry was in good form ahead of his fight against Samuel Bowen for the super featherweight boxer title at Leicester Arena.

With the young boxer hailing from Scotland and fighting in Leicester the question was inevitably asked about what he thought of Leicester after Brendan Rodgers ditched Celtic for the former EPL Champions last month.

His response is priceless.

Celtic fans are moving on but they aren’t going to forget the manner of the Irishman’s exit from the club.

Celtic are currently being managed by Neil Lennon for the rest of the season before a full time manager is brought in this summer. Rodgers has been called many things since leaving the club and Jordy’s comments were some of the more mild accusations aimed at the former Celtic boss.

Like we do with all young aspiring Celtic fans trying to make their own history in other sports, we wish Jordy all the best in his fight and career!


  1. He is correct, no Celtic fan I know has a problem with Leicester, but with Rodgers for the manner and timing of his departure. a snake is right


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