BRENDAN RODGERS looks like he’s just laid down the gauntlet to our rivals and those who doubt him this time around.

The Celtic manager spoke with CeltsArehere on Friday after he was appointed the Celtic manager for the second time. The Irishman wants to get straight to work and build on Ange’s great squad.

However, he knows there are people in the support who are still not convinced by him after he left last time around. It felt like a midnight flitting to Leicester with the whole support blindsided by the quick exit.

It meant there was resentment for years over the issue, but that has dissipated with time, as most things do.

After speaking to Celtic fan media, Brendan went outside to address Celtic fans who had been waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Invincible Treble manager.

While he doesn’t regret leaving the club, he says he does regret the hurt it caused some.

He then cheekily told his doubters that he would see them all here [the Celtic Way] in May. The manager basically saying we’ll be back for a title party.

Footage by CeltsArehere.


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