Celtic fans have been arriving at the Stadio Olimpico this evening welcomed with what looks be one of the most over the top and time consuming security measures to get to their seat!

Celtic have been warning the fans for the past month that security would be stringent but in the video below we see layers of security and fans told to take their shoes off as they are patted down.

The Rome police drastically cut the number of Celtic fans allowed in the stadium from their last visit and they have been a huge presence throughout the day as Celtic fans have gone about their business.

This video shows the absurdity of the security in action.

Going to watch your team play should be an enjoyable experience, but the police treating supporters like criminals is crazy. Airport security is less stringent!

Lazio also made it clear anyone with banners had to submit images of them and had to be vetted before fans were given then green light.

The bhoys are in Rome tonight hoping to spring a surprise with a lot of their attacking options sidelined. Let’s hope the fans who did have the hassle of security have a good experience watching the game.


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