CELTIC were one nil up through stage on form Ryan christie and turning the screw on Motherwell when Benkovic bagged an impressive second from an inswinging corner – only it was called off for…for…well, we’re not sure to be honest.

Take a look.

Kevin Clancy seems to have adjudged Benkovic to foul the Motherwell player to score the goal but if that’s the case it’s a very dubious decision.

Both players going for the ball and Benkovic beats his man hands down to get it into the back of the net.

The whistle blew before the ball hit the back of the net but the decision was met by bemusement from the Celtic players.

When you score fair and square, it’s hard to take a decision like that going against you.

A combination of decisions led to Celtic dropping two points on Wednesday evening and not just from the referee.

The bhoys must regroup quickly with top of the table Kilmarnock coming to Glasgow on Saturday.


  1. A perfectly good goal disallowed, a blatant foul on Gamboa that led to their equaliser and numerous 2nd yellow card offences that the ref didn’t send any Motherwell player off for, And the decisions against Celtic are only gonna get worse, by the time the 10 in a row season comes the opposition are gonna be allowed baseball bats to foul us. Nae wonder the SFA don’t want Video replays up here, they widnae be able to cheat us.

  2. Rogers is to blame for that team and also playing Brown he can’t ffeed strikers wasted 30 of football play with this back passing shite

  3. What is it with Celtic and losing late goals at Motherwell? Wasteful tonight, only have ourselves to blame, yes we had a perfectly good goal disallowed but we should still have saw that game out, penalty converted and we win the game, possession stats mean fk all, the Motherwell goalie hardly had a save to make second half. Everybody,s bowels were heaving waiting on Motherwell to get one chance late in the game and they did, this feels like a defeat.

  4. It’s hard to criticise Brendan Rodgers team selection v Well, But at the same time they are very well paid professional footballer’s, Some may say well we have taken a point and we just have to accept it, The point was a disgrace, This feels like a defeat, Yes some of our football was a disgrace we were so negative last night including the penalty miss by the wee man, Who didn’t really look 100%, But the referee and officials absolutely f”ckng shocking they cost us 3 Points to go top of the league where we should be this morning, Kevin Clancy is a total disgrace to call himself a referee, What up and coming referee’s going to take from the way he handled this game also this includes his 2 performing seals running the line, Over and over again we have to talk about the state of those who officiated last nights game v Well, The state of refereeing in this country is appalling and always has been since days gone by (ie) Tiny Wharton etc etc. But it is the same old story we shall have to take it on the chin and carry on with these same officials nothing short of scandalous, But this doesn’t reflect from what I said, We should have won that game v Well, Some players looked lethargic and not 100%, But as i say look at what they earn and they adapt to playing such negative boring football, The travelling support should be reimbursed because they don’t want to watch what this type of negative football by players who we know can play football “The Glasgow Celtic Way”


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