CHRIS SUTTON pulls no punches as he goes after Brendan Rodgers and Leicester city after the Irishman made the shock switch to the club on Tuesday.

Chris Sutton, surrounded by a studio of EPL cheerleaders made the outstanding and accurate announcement that Brendan Rodgers has downsized, the timing was shocking and the biggest blow he landed was certainly ‘Celtic reserves are bigger than Leicester’.

We’re coming to the back end of the debate over Brendan Rodgers decision which has been a hard pill to swallow in Glasgow. Chris Sutton fighting Celtic fans corner on a UK wide platform is great to see.

Celtic are set to play their first Cup game without Brendan Rodgers in two and a half years and never lost a tie under the now Leicester boss.

Leicester have a big bank balance with rich owners and TV money – that defines them. Celtic’s history defines who we are.



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