Celtic have been “The Champions” seven times in a row in Scotland, it’s not like there has been any other “Champions” in recent times to mix up the BT Presenter. Sky Sports will be headhunting Darrell Currie with Freudian slips like this one.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on his behalf, but even with their late winner today, the new Rangers are still a point and game behind the real champions. I had the pleasure of not watching the game, so I can only assume the presenter’s comments made it past big Chris Sutton.

Sutton likes to keep all the BT staff on their toes and rarely lets any slight on Celtic go unpunished. Unless of course, he’s dishing it out himself.

Maybe Mr Currie got confused as the Rangers* fans have already celebrated winning the league twice this season despite currently sitting second…..again. Apparently, there was another pitch invasion today after their late winner from their 25 million pound striker.



  1. Twentyfive Million Columbian dollars they mean. So he’s worth Sixty quid. Ha ha that ugly cun’t makes quazimodo a looker.

  2. Maybe someone would like to walk him around the trophy room next time he covers a Celtic home match – quite sure Sir Sutton would do the honours

  3. Apart from the clearly biased hunditry from Craigen the orange backdrop to the club badge was what I noticed. Their reliance on such sectarian imagery is offensive.

    I thought they were going to trip themselves up again but unfortunately not. Well just need to skelp them next weekend


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