There are a few ways to make a mark when you first come into a new side, but Timothy Weah might have just topped the lot by skinning his captain during a training session in Dubai.

Footage from CelticTV showed the bhoys taking part in a training session with Broony trying to get the ball from Celtic’s new forward. When he tried to snatch the ball from Weah the player’s tricky feet kicked in and nutmegged the captain in front of the rest of the squad.

Yeah, I think Broony better retire!😂

Brown took it in good fun and reacted to the quality bit of skill on display from the new bhoy.

Timothy shows lots of potential, if he’s not scared to skin his captain then he’ll be fine cutting up the SPFL between now and the end of the season.

Weah joined on a six month loan deal and is eager to go as Celtic prepare for the second half of their season.


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