BRENDAN RODGERS has gotten back up from an unlikely source in Sam Allardyce after the ex-Everton and England boss came to the Irishman’s defence.

Sam Allardyce responded to comments former Reading man David Kitson made about Celtic and Rodgers after another Europa League away defeat.

Big Sam branded Kitson embarrassing for his comments and believes Brendan Rodgers has done a phenomenal job over the years and that the Celtic board are as much to blame for Celtic’s on-field woes as anybody.

Allardyce is currently without a club after being let go by Everton in the summer.

He’s correct Celtic don’t have a natural goalscorer in the team at present and Rodgers has not been helped enough by the board this summer after unprecedented domestic success.

Celtic have been so dominant in Scotland, their critics lie in wait for Euro nights like Germany to get their pound of flesh while they can.

The club needs to strive to be a competitive force in this competition. If we cannot get to the knockout stages of the Europa League then there is something far wrong.


  1. Allardyce is right,there are far to many hasbeens trying to make a name for themself in bringing down Celtic the media an foul mouth hasbeens is about all it is,they are all wishing there SG and his crap team could be number one in Scotland,not going happen we are BOSS and we start with foul mouthed CL and his hearts team lets do them Celtic do them right….


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