LEE McCulloch has freed himself from the burden of any more lies; the EBTs, the shame, the indignity of it all has been washed away this evening, and it only took a poorly researched Soccer Six quiz to do it!

The former Ibrox man who was put on the spot in a quiz live on Sky Sports was asked ‘Who was formed first, Celtic or Rangers?’

His response?

Absolutely spot on from the big man!

The Ibrox club which was formed in 1873 fell into administration and then eventual liquidation with a new entity having to be formed and play their football at Ibrox.

They have been going strong since 2012 and to be fair to them, even though they have never won a major trophy, they managed the most significant result of their short history by winning against their Glasgow rivals Celtic in December.

We demand justice for Lee McCulloch who looked so disappointed when the presenter told him he was wrong. The truth shall set you free!

Celtic were formed in 1888 and have continued, unbroken history since their inception.



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