If your a regular viewer of Celtic TV you’ll know that Tom Boyd can lose it if a throw doesn’t go Celtic’s way. It’s fair to say he not a fan of the men in black. Time and time again he’s been proved right in his thinking.

Craig Thomson has previous when it comes to whistling for Celtic games. His performance tonight was another shocker. Time and time again he strolled around the pitch and ignored tackles, free-kicks and penalties. Scott Sinclair spun with his back to the ball and the ball hit his hand, foul.

Yet this tackle below is deemed acceptable…

Boyd has always asked about the lack of protection Celtic players are getting from the men in black. With an injury list the size of a football squad, Celtic players need protection. Thomson should be held accountable for ignoring this and other tackles in the game. Please don’t hold your breath.


  1. How long before any player has a broken leg now referees, never mind a Celtic player. Nasty challenges like this should be confined to the past. But recently they have begun to surface. I Wonder why?????????


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