JAMES FORREST has been on a rich vein of form but he will not want to see this one again!

The Celtic midfielder was through on goal, able to pick which spot of the goal he was going to put it in and then this happened!

Dragged wide and the best chance of the game so far went begging.

You would have bet your house on him to score from that position. Things like this happen though!


  1. Celtic have regressed so much it is frightening. They look jaded, stale and garbage. Conte said yesterday losing 4 games in 16 is not Champions material yet Celtic are still getting praise for drawing 5 out of 16, dropping only 2 points less. The standard of football in the second half was laughable. No wonder we are getting laughed at. Where the hell was Tierney at the Hibs goal, completely missing. And what was Sinclair doing in the last minute? That was pathetic. They are hanging on to this ‘record’ but Celtic are poorer now than they were 12 months ago and Rodgers is a liar if he expects us to believe any of his delusions. This was not a good game, it was amateurish and second rate. The Huns are catching up at the lowest ebb in the history of both their clubs. What does that say about Celtic?

  2. very disappointed dont rate forrest ,sorry , possession is fine but if u dont take your chances, well ,take your shots ,trying to walk it in the net sinclair 2 goals should have had 4 or more lustig beaten for pace all the time wheres griffs our best striker ,dembele is gone soon $$$$$ , when was the last time we scored with a header , again very disappointed

  3. Game of the season? For God sake it was absolute garbage. The two teams looked as if they only took up football on Friday. The quality was completely missing a litany of incompetence and strewn with errors and absent tactics and strategy. If that was the game of the season then time to shut up shop,. No wonder we are a laughing stock in europe.


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