JAMES McCLEAN propelled himself into Irish football folklore by sending his national side to the World Cup playoffs.

So, what to do after you have scored such an important goal for your country?

I know – let’s drive home singing The Rebs. This bhoy lives, sleeps and breathes Ireland, and if you’re not Irish then you can appreciate the enthusiasm from a fellow Celtic Fan.

Up the Celts!


  1. James McClean is a Bhoy at heart.He just loves rubbing it into that new Club in our Premier from Govania,Absolutely Understandable.Brendan get this Bhoy at Paradise…….HH

  2. No doubting he’s a good tim,but there’s also too many pressures up here I don’t think he has the mentality to cope with.

    • Derek, I would say that is the main drawback in him signing for Celtic. There is no doubt he is ‘one of us’ and all that, and that he would thrive under the tutelage of Brendan but think about the stick Neil Lennon got as a player and a manager with us. You can multiply that for what James McLean would get living in the Glasgow goldfish bowl with his laudable deeds and actions that I agree with him 100% on. He can do without the vile shite that would be coming his way were he to sign for the Hoops.

  3. Would be a great addition to us and I think he would make us stronger and also he would know exactly what it means to pull on the hoops this Bhoy is a great footballer as well as one of us not sure about his current contract situation though , he would also know that he would be public enemy from the minks across the city but under BR am sure he would come out as a top class signing it makes sense to me HH

  4. Yes , he would be the latest victim of the ‘he brings it on himself ‘ brigade. People like him, Lennon, stokes, griffiths , brown and a few others have showed they don’t give two fux about hunnery and where rangers see themselves in Scottish society, and the Hun does not like croppies who don’t lie down


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