Celtic were reduced to 10 men very late in the game when substitute Bayo was given two yellow card’s in quick succession.

The frontman was only on the field for seven minutes before he was sent up the tunnel.

The striker can feel very hard done by after the incident. He went to contest a spilled ball by the goalkeeper – the keeper collects and Bayo brushes by Mendy. He then starts rolling about like Bayo has hit him in the face and/or head but the referee sees it and plays on.

He then stops play, goes over to the play acting goalkeeper and after looking at him decides to give Bayo his second yellow.

It was incredible. To see a referee change his mind on an incident from the way a player continues to react is astonishing and UEFA should be coming down hard on Mendy for cheating to get a fellow pro sent off.


  1. CHEAT, the only way the Rennes team know. The other clown who Jonny Hayes challenged for the ball rolled around like the CHEAT he is. The Rennes team were at it all night. Fakes, Cheats, every one of them. UEFA should investigate the Rennes team and look closely ant the muppet of a referee, who really was out of his depth. When a referee starts waving his arms around, you know he’s lost the plot. He didn’t have a clue. Bin him!!!

  2. Celtic play the game aggressively but Fair,Can that mob say the same.Cant wait to get This lot at Paradise.Eddy was booked for diving How many of them received punishment for there Girly antics.Theyre just a Shower of Woman Blouses.Well Done the Bhoys showing these so called French Cracks how it’s Done 🍀HfH🍀


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