Ange Postecoglou has transformed Celtic in his almost two year long spell at the club thus far.

The Australian is set to win a treble for 2022/23 and secure his fifth trophy out of a possible six when the Hoops face Inverness in the Scottish Cup final at the beginning of next month.

He is loving life in Glasgow although English pundit Jamie O’Hara believes he would suit a move to Tottenham.

The ex Spurs midfielder said Postecoglou wouldn’t turn down a move South, claiming one would rather manage a side who haven’t won a trophy in 15 years and don’t even play in the Champions League rather than Celtic – a team who is renowned for silverware and who regularly dine at Europe’s top table.

Si Ferry, though, brilliantly defended this insult to Celtic and Postecoglou, keeping an unemotional manner and straight face.

You can watch the clip below:

O’Hara, like a lot of English pundits, is greatly ignorant and arrogant when it comes to Celtic and Scottish football.

This was the case here and it was vastly positive to see Ferry coming to the defence of the champions and Postecoglou.


  1. Huns finish second, or at top of the losers. Today they partied like a treble had been won. They won the battle of the slim shady competition. They have won the Fuc& Cup again.

    Celtic won the nuclear war. Sevco won a political argument.

    If Celtic win the eighth treble, it will mean Global Thermonuclear War for them Vs their creditors.

    Watch them squirm. Those sad bowler hatted paupers.


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