Chris Sutton hit the nail on the head when he said on BT Sports this morning that because it is Steven Gerrard that is managing Rangers people in England like to keep saying he is doing well. If it was some stranger from another country managing the Ibrox team getting the same results would the hype still be there?

Most English people think Gerrard is destined to go back down south and manage in the EPL. Because of this, they all keep saying what a great job he is doing. There is no doubt there is an improved side this season at Ibrox but what is not taking into account is the fall off from Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs. Both the Edinburgh sides have already sacked their managers this season.

People down south only look at the league table and make their mind up but Sutton spells it out nicely for them live on air.

Gerrard got his best shot last week at silverware when a lacklustre Celtic showed up for the League Cup final. The champions done what the champions have been doing for the past couple of seasons won the game/trophy.



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