This was the crazy moment a young ball boy got to play in the Scottish Cup final when the over-exuberant young lad came onto the field to retrieve the ball which was going out for a goal kick.

Instead of letting it run out of play, the young lad came onto the pitch and stopped the ball dead before passing it back to Aberdeen. However, with the ball not actually going out of play, the referee had to play it as a drop ball.

Edouard had to go over and either contest the drop ball or let it go for a goal kick. The Celtic striker showed good sportsmanship by hitting the ball out for Aberdeen to restart the game.

Celtic ran out 3-0 winners on the day and even with these extra reinforcements from the ball boy, Aberdeen were no match for the Scottish Champions.

Neil Lennon and his men have now booked themselves in a cup final with Hearts on May 25th.


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