SHAY LOGAN was seen giving it his usual ‘big man’ gimmick in the aftermath of Niall McGinn’s shocking challenge on Ryan Christie – but when it really mattered, the defender was posted missing with some shambolic defending.

Take nothing away from Odsonne Edouard, because the Frenchman’s jinking run was absolutely superb. However, the half-hearted attempt by Logan to try and stop the striker in his tracks was laughable.

Aberdeen fans constantly chant this man’s name, but he is all sizzle and no steak when it comes to playing against the bhoys. His claim to fame is walking off the Celtic Park turn swaggering like 12-year-old ned while Celtic celebrated winning the title.

Watch the defender here as he tries to ‘do his job’.



  1. I am sure Logan will say that Eddy directed a racial slur at him as he went by. McInnes will claim to have heard it, too. The SFA will then proceed to ban Eddy for the huns game. The sheep only have one mode of operation “fvcking moaning”. I wouldn’t doubt that McInnes does daily training on how to moan.

  2. Logan, the Useless entity. Couldn’t tack a fish supper. Typical foul attempted on Eddy by the big mouth logan. Likewise, the other defender (I use the word loosely) pulling the shirt and fouling Eddy. Proving two Aberdeen tossers, are useless at tackling. McInness, dry your eyes, ya cry baby, yer team was sh 1te, you are destined to be a failure, muppet!!!


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