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CELTIC are currently looking to make a deal with Ticketmaster to get a ticket exchange system up and running for the fans.

There are currently only 5,000 matchday tickets available and are selling out almost instantly. Every match has been a sell-out so far, but there have been empty seats with season ticket holders unable to attend for whatever reason.

Having a system that allows season ticket holders to sell their tickets for individual games would be great and allow more fans into the games.

Michael Nicholson confirmed that work on a ticket exchange system is taking place and has told fans to keep an eye out.

At the Celtic AGM CeltsAreHere attended, he said;

“The club has 5,000 matchday tickets, and we balance that with a competing ticket exchange. We considered it in the summer but we’re looking at a deal with Ticketmaster. – watch this space.”

As long as tickets remain reasonably priced and don’t rise with demand like concert tickets, it will be a welcome system.

If it’s to be brought into practice, fans will likely have to wait until the summer at the earliest.


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