We’ve had many traditions down the years of full-time whistle celebrations and rituals. The latest and fasted growing on is who Timmy Weah gives his shirt too after the game.

On Wednesday night at Celtic Park when clever young Celt was front and centre waving a US flag. Tom Boyd picked up on it way before the American. It looked like the young lad has missed his chance but Boyd must have turned his mic up full blast and somehow Weah got his jersey over to the young Celtic fan.

Today was the turn of two young lads in Perth. Usually, when a jersey gets thrown into a crowd there is a scuffle for it but we reckon these two youngsters will be mates for life.

A lot of people have moaned about the amount of loanees Celtic are bringing to the club. But this seasons crop are all turning out to be magnificent in the Hoops. Weah, in particular, has endeared himself to fans with his goals and his celebrations. He certainly won a few more people over today.



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