DANISH WINGER Philip Zinckernagel was in the media over the weekend discussing his January move to Watford.

Surprisingly, Celtic’s name came up in the interview – Philip claiming there was ‘a lot’ of interest in his services from Celtic. He predominantly plays on the right hand side of a front three so it would stand to reason Neil Lennon and the scouts were looking at him – especially because Phillip was a free agent.

However, the player ended up at Watford and helped their push for promotion.

For most footballers these days, chasing the money is of the upmost importance. Especially because it’s such a short career. We have no issue with a player turning down Celtic because we can’t financially compete with club’s down south.

What is laughable though is Zinckernagel claiming Watford were the bigger club and it was an easy decision to join.

Speaking to SunSport, Philip said|:

“We never got close to signing any deal with Celtic, but there was a lot of talking and a lot of interest, so it was something that I had to consider, for sure.

“There were a few Championship clubs interested as well, but nothing that attracted me as much as Watford did.

“Watford were a much bigger club and it was an easy decision in the end.”

There seems to be a belief because a club has more money than another club, they are a ‘bigger club’. It’s simply not the case, and while we don’t begrudge anyone for backing up their decision and their employers, we can’t let the comment slide without pointing out how false it is.

The english outfit have never won a trophy in English football.

Celtic have won the big one and have a trophy-laden history.

Watford’s stadium holds 22k, Celtic’s stadium holds 60k. Are we starting to see a pattern?

They are a local club that bounce about the divisions and are more known for the teams they play.

Bigger club? In the words of Chris Sutton and in the derisory inflection ‘Do me a favour’.


  1. Don’t forget English is his 2nd maybe 3rd language because I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way it came out and every man and his dog knows that Celtic are a massive club steeped in history including all us Watford fans. In other interviews Zink has always dreamed of playing in the Premier League, the real thinking behind his choice…. And yes the PL is bigger than SPL but I’m sure you know that already.

    PS. good luck with getting independence.


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