BT Sports have been lauded over the piece for their coverage of Scottish Football. It has been a breath of fresh air on the whole but after this season – the TV rights go back to Sky Sports exclusively.

However, before they bow out of the Scottish game, BT are going out with a bang this term and are setting the bar high for Sky Sports who will likely crawl under it.

The League Cup Final takes place on Sunday with the Glasgow Derby promising to be an epic match between the current two best sides in the country.

With that in mind, the Sports broadcaster are going all-in with their coverage of the game and their build-up will start six hours before kick off on Sunday!

The BT team will hype the game up until 3pm where the two sides will fight it out for the first trophy of the season.

Speaking to SunSport, Grant Philips, Executive Producer of BT Sports is excited about the coverage.

“We are throwing everything at it.

“It’s our last one, a huge game for BT Sport and our Sunset and Vine team in Glasgow.

“We love covering Scottish football and that’s reflected in everything we do up here.”

This in sharp contract to Sky Sports who like to employ pundits who put the Scottish game down during their very short coverage of our games.


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