A Gers fan has told his fellow bears to pipe down over their recent moaning about the new police safety protocol which will mean the very few who get a ticket for Celtic park will have to attend Celtic Park at 11am if they want to be in before kick off.

After the fiasco of the last Glasgow Derby game at Celtic Park when the security procedures could have caused serious harm to Celtic fans, a new system is in place to make sure everyone gets into the ground safely which means Ibrox fans having to head to the stadium earlier than they perhaps would have.

After being told by Rangers and the police about the procedure there has been an uproar about how it’s all going down among the Gers support but one fan of the second placed side hit the nail on the head with the most sensible tweet we have ever read from the other side.

“Zero point in crying about this, we caused this by cutting allocations, thank your internet bed wetters for making the best derby in the world total shite for the away supporters.” – Dez91_ said to his fellow supporters. He has since locked his account because of the nonsense he’s received in response to his statement.

This is absolutely spot on! There had been an understanding for years that both clubs would get a large away support, whether it be at Celtic Park or Ibrox but because the Rangers board decided to take the huff with the rest of their supporters who were sick of seeing Celtic fans partying in the Free Broomloan Road end cut the allocation by 90% with Celtic having to reciprocate.

This pettiness has caused the current situation and as he points out, the derby does lose something when there are very few of the away supporters in the ground.


  1. King and his money grabbing, headline grabbing, loathesome shower on the board did the dirty and like the way King treated Ashley, it’s coming back to haunt him. Ashley will rub Kings nose in it, c’mon Mike!!!.
    Good to hear McGregor retired from the Scotland team. He should never have been allowed to play ever again. He gave us the fingers, and Sine Die is just that. He’s a rat in a goalies jumper. Anyway the way he’s playing for the michtie sevco, he should retire from them as well. One total sh1te!

  2. Come come now Celtic!. It is only sevco who are allowed to cut ticket allocations!!. No one else should have the addocity to tell them how many tickets they can have!. You see, they still (sevco) live in the dark ages of free mason art, and every one should do what the knuckle crackers tell them too do. ! Hail Hail.

  3. Dave king looked at the bigger picture Celtic at Ibrox for 2 games at say £60 = £480,00 now 8 ,000 new season ticket holders at £ 350 = 2,8000,000 some difference

  4. “The Golden Bullet” Between King & His own supporters loaded the Golden Gun & It backfired dramatically, We all knew the real reason he didn’t want the Broomloan Road Stand full of Celtic Supporters, They couldn’t stand our supporters singing and rejoicing with the Bhoys, So King bite the f’ckng bullet then stick it up your backside, You started this with your own supporters, Be a man stand up admit you got it wrong and eat humble pie before it goes any further and you and your supporters “CHOKE ON IT” !!!


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