MOUSSA DEMBELE has decided to speak out tonight and send a heart felt message to the Celtic fans after a tumultuous 48 hours which seen the striker leave under a cloud.

The Frenchman had a massive falling out with Brendan Rodgers after the club rejected an initial bid from Lyon.

The player downed tools and picked up his phone to deveatating effect, calling the club and the manager out in an unprofessional manner.

Tonight he is trying to mend fences with a long and heartfelt message to the Celtic support and recalling the derby games where he anhilated The Rangers.

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Bhoys and Ghirls, My journey at Celtic has come to an end and it’s time for me to embrace a new challenge. Through my journey at Celtic I have experienced many great memories that will last with me forever. My purpose was always to bring you joy and happiness. You will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget my time at Celtic, simply because you are special people. I’m not gonna lie to you, I will miss playing against Rangers and the particular excitement that it brings, but I have other challenges ahead that I’m looking forward to. Every time I will watch Celtic I will remember that day when you were singing “🎼 I saw Dembélé on the telly he scored a hat trick against the…🎼” That September derby when we annihilated Rangers was surely the moment we fell in love. #DEMBELITION We went to Champions League together, we conquered Glasgow together, planted our flag on rival territory together, we lost a few… but won a lot. I am leaving feeling that I have achieved everything I can as a Celtic player. I feel truly blessed and proud to be in Celtic’s history book as an invincible and double treble winner. When I signed for Celtic, I said we will make history, we did! Mission completed, Veni Vidi Vici. I don’t talk much but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings. I sincerely love you Bhoys and Ghirls. THANK YOU to all the fans across the world and the charity foundation. THANK YOU to the people at the club; the manager and the coaching staff, my team mates and the board members. THANK YOU to the office people, security staff, cleaners and kitchen workers. THANK YOU EVERYONE  in the background that the public don’t see but make this Club so special. I will keep a part of you with me and everywhere I am you’ll be there too. Best of luck to you, we’ll meet again soon Bhoys and Ghirls. Moussa aka Big Mouss aka The King of Glasgow aka Dembelition.

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Will this help people move on quicker and remember his time at the club more fondly instead of fixating on how he left the club.

Whatever way you look at, the striker has left the club short until January and piled more pressure on his former teammates in the process.

Time heals all wounds and maybe the gesture of this message will win a few people back.

The message comes as Celtic get prepared to take on their Glasgow rivals at Parkhead in the Midday kickoff.


  1. I wasnt even going to acknowledge that message as a celtic fan but i would like to say a big f@#k off ya big headed twat your memory is erased as you are not seen in the same light anymore.

    • Your right with your comments, also he went on as a spoiled child who wanted big money. Rodgers wanted him to stay until January but he could’t care less,he was selfish.

  2. He made a mistake no doubt encouraged by agents. He is only a young lad, he helped us big time, I forgive his petulance and wish him well. Time to move on now and show we are still number 1 today! Coybig

    • Agree,agents are the bugbear of the football world,however he made the decision to leave,the badge on the shirt is bigger than the name on the back,

  3. Fk off u childish prk. Don’t spout rubbish you do not give a crap about your team mates or the club or the Manager who made you the player you are. HH

  4. He was a silly boy when he wanted out there was better ways to do that,but on the park you could see a top player i just hope we got a 10% or more sell on fee sorted he may end up being worth £70 million or more.
    But it was not him who put them to sword last time we got a even bigger star who shines brighter.

  5. See you later, Dear John second party transcribed goodbye, maybe heartfelt by Moussa. Happy trails until we meet again. I only wished I had continued my Secondary education in languges further than ‘Glasgows Vert un blanc’😀😀😀😀😀


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