FORMER Ibrox boss Ally McCoist has pulled the big book of what ifs we’ve heard so often from down Govan way. What if Barry McKay’s shot went into the other side of the post was another top quote last season by Kris Boyd.

Ally McCoist, on the other hand, believes Celtic have been lucky and The Rangers have been unlucky in the last two Glasgow derbies and that the Ibrox side only have ‘a bit to go’.

“You could argue Rangers could have won both the last two O** F*** games with better finishing and a bit of luck. The fact they didn’t is down to them having a bit to go.”


Celtic drew their game against The Rangers at Celtic Park, playing one of their worst games under Rodgers while The Rangers probably were close to full capacity.

In the recent tie, Celtic outlasted and outclassed an early surge from the home side to win the game 3-2 with ten men.

Clinical comes to mind, not lucky.


  1. What Ifs And If Only,s……..Here is more Fact than Fiction.If The Most Corrupt Club in Scottish Football hadnt blatantly cheated its way to 9 Tainted Titles and Everything Else,They would probably still Exist but this New Club havent got Other folks money to splurge on Talent so have to settle for 3rd or 4th Best And that isnt a cert…Long May They Suffer.HfH


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