Celtic lost their clean sheet streak today at Rugby Park as Craig Gordon took the ball out of the net twice. Fans were only complimenting how stable the Celtic defence has looked with Boyata, Ajer and Benkovic in the side.

Step forward Jack Hendry.

Unfortunately, Filip Benkovic got injured in today’s warm up which say Hendry drafted into the back four. Some Celtic fans were feeling uneasy with the change before the whistle went, but, they are calling out Hendry after the hoops lost a 5 game streak of clean sheets.

In fairness, Celtic have yet to set the world alight this season. There is a spark, passion and flow that has been present for the last two seasons. Celtic have lost Stuart Armstrong, Roberts and Moussa Dembele but their should be enough invincibles left in the squad to be giving the likes of Saint Mirren and Kilmarnock a much tougher test.

Games are coming thick and fast, hopefully Celtic can find some of that invincibles form very quickly. It might be unfair to single out Hendry when other players seem to be going through the motions, all the way up to record signings.


  1. You talk utter push this website is becoming a fuckin joke, how is it down to Hendry!? Tell me who had a good game in a Celtic jersey !? We were utter pish again it was embarrassing and Rodgers can’t get them to string two passes together, he is the one to blame along with the rest of the money grabbing bastards , another easy day for the opposition when Celtic come to town, I’m sick of this team ruining my weekend

      • Don’t blame just Henry Killie keeper has 2 crucial saves to make yet Gordon has 1 gets no where near it we had 10 men till Sinclair was subbed get mickey Johnston left and Morgan wide right hurt teams with width 11 men behind the ball and when are we ever gonna get a Penalty all the holding today Thomsons to busy laughing with there players to do his job, all being said they must be made to water the dung heap, even bring in a ban on using them Dry, H H.

  2. Made a comment earlier today,saying, we are about to turn the corner,how wrong could I be !!!!!!!this was totally unacceptable,,what has gone wrong,is the dressing room in turmoil?,the window at the start of the season was a shambles,from the McGinn saga to Dembele,And in between.!!!!!!!,just when we need leadership,on and off the park,where is it,BR has a lot of questions to answer here,our type of play is so predictable it is beyond belief,across the field ,backwards,across the field etc, ‘struth’ What the hell is going on,we are in serious trouble here, make no mistake.!!!!!

  3. your right Ray we are in serious trouble but folk don’t want to admit it, this season has been awful and performances poor to say the least, the manager can’t get his players to get stuck in and out on a show, the games we have won we have only just stuttered over the line it isn’t good enough. The team needs a total re think I can’t believe what I watched today I’m still shocked

  4. Hendry seems to be the scapegoat here,but he is not the only one is he,!!!!the whole setup stinks now,where is the game plan,where is the player/players to take the game by the scruff of the neck and take control,can it be down to loss of form,surely not all at the same time,some players here ,who have to take along hard look in the mirror,!!!!!.we are handing this title gift wrapped to you know who.!

    • Ray i agree,why are we playing like this what is going on here no one knows what the other one is doing,we only have half a team playing to win the rest just do not want to take part some thing is wrong some thing is very wrong here, do they not want to play for the manager is that it if we keep playing like this then SG will have what he wants we are total shit now we can not score more than one goal a game and some players just hide and do nothing what a load of rubbish we have playing for us now.

  5. The problems go much deeper than one player and scapegoating any player is wrong.The complacency throughout the club this summer has been disgraceful.The Celtic board has to take a lot of responsibility for the disastrous summer transfer window and BR has now got to prove himself as a great manager by lifting these players and going on to win the league, it is precisely from situations like this that managers prove how good they are.

    • I agree it is time for BR to take the blame and say so then start to bring this team back to playing like we all know they can,there is no point beating SG and get beat the next game,it is now time for the manager to step up to the mark and make them play like winners do with heart and belief common lets get this show on the road before its to late.

  6. Fuck sake, short memory some so “celtic fans” have. How is this BR fault!!! Who wouldn’t fork up the pittance for McGinn – the BOARD, who refused to give BR money for new defenders- the BOARD, who refused to pay to keep Patrick Roberts (who was keen to stay)- the Board. Some of the greedy players have to take some blame too – Boyata, Amstrong, Dembelle (can probably soon add Ncham and a few other big headed nobodies than nobody heard of before Brendan helped them). I’d rather see local true celtic fans/players get a chance, than give any of these selfish foreign users get a single game. They are all very average players with big egos and I am personally glad to see the back of a few of these free loaders. Any good they did is negated by how they have destroyed Brendans plans to build a team. They have destroyed the dressing room! Not much Brendan can do about that, especially when the BOARD, who are the real cause of all of Celtics problems, dont allow him to reinvest any of the approx £90million they have earned in the last 2-3 years. PETER LAWELL and especially DODGY DERMOD DESMOND need to be forcibly removed from our club ASAP!!! Have said it for years but still the slow of mind come on here and blame everyone else but the BOARD.

  7. I can’t believe what I just witnessed today .I watched a celtic team playing football or supposed to be football.when the feck is this side to side football going to stop.the whole thing is getting boring, I can’t understand why we play this, it’s going forward till over halfway line then goes back.there seems to be no passion or drive in the team.brendon Rodgers needs to get a grip of the dressing room and remind all the players this is celtic fc.we need to go back to playing football the celtic way with passion, drive and style or we can say goodbye to the title this season.its time a few arses were booted hard just to remind them who they actually play for.i support my team through thick and thin but something needs to be done, and I’m not talking just about the players or the manager.the board members need to take a lot of responsibility for the things that have happened since last season or not happened.time the animal was awakened and the quicker the better.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with all of the comments.
    The club never replaced Armstrong, either love or hate, him but I prefer to love him, cause he could be unstoppable at times.
    Paddy Roberts should’ve been signed for his trickery and also Forrest knew if didn’t play well, Roberts was on.
    We’ve sold decent players and not replaced them, no one in the side can pass a ball like Kris Commons could, why are the players not working on their weaknesses in training.

  9. Too late Jackie!!!! It may be at that point now,this lot is one dimensional,no cohesion,direction,?I well remember the days of the great jock stein,when his time was up we started on the downward spiral,remember those days well!!!!!is this a repeat coming up??????without doubt these are very worrying times,now ,and ahead, if we are honest what chance of furthering our interest in the uefe cup,?..failing to strengthen from a position of strength may now come back to bite us on the ass,big style,and I doubt if there is anything we can do about it, hope to hell I am wrong???????

  10. Celtic under BR in the last few seasons had set a high bar in Scottish football that they have not reached thus far. Their movement on the field has been well analysed by other teams and predictability has encouraged successful counter-measures to frustrate their efforts and effect defeat.
    Sadly, team spirit would seem in decline, and the pride in wearing the team jersey (not the pink one) absent in a few of the current team.

    With all the adverse comments, it should be noted that this season is not even a quarter underway. Celtic are the champions, and will remain so at the end.
    I also point out that Boyata was severely slagged off by the fans following his absence earlier in the
    champions league. He is playing well on his return, and trying to regain their respect.

    Jack Hendry will learn from the reaction some fans have given and be an asset to the team.
    We all start off as ‘tenderfoot’ in all walks of life and hopefully get the right guidance from those in the know, friends and our collegues in whatever sphere.
    After all, “We’re all Jock Tamson’s Bairns”.

    “High upon the roll of fame, Celtic they have placed their name”. Enjoy being a part of that history!

  11. I suspect that BR is looking for a way out. This stupid talk of losing confidence and back to the drawing board is total toss. The double treble champions created the drawing board. Brendan is at a loss. He’s been found out and won’t hang around for failure to add to his CV. He’ll be off as soon as a position comes up in the EFL.
    He’s lost my confidence in my team, the team are lost, the captain is heading for an iceberg.

  12. The manager is now in a job. He has had nothing to do for 2 and a half years. However, I would not put a tenner on him knocking back any job offered to him at the moment. I reckon he will be off sooner rather than later, leaving an absolute mess. .

  13. Having watched the game today i don’t have a great deal of faith in the team going forward we are not playing as a unit our play at times is questionable to begin with why are we waiting for the opposition to get everyone behind the ball before moving forward where is the old swash buckling celtic that never allowed defences to settle before running riot and out scoring teams on a regular basis .

  14. What I want to know is why ALL our Centre half’s keep on getting injured We are only a few weeks into the season and yet every one of them has been injured at some time this season

  15. Where do you start,looking at what is wrong,????anybody watched amazon prime, about Man City/ pep gaurdiola,this man is so animated about his football it is really unbelievable,he does not mince his words on anything,!!! It is an eye opener.tactics,players fitness,how they go about their business on the park,ok, it is city with all their money etc,
    What have we got now, no direction,idea,how to break opposition down, this was second nature to us,sevco is not our problem,it is the ten other teams, we have Aberdeen,hibs,in the next month,lose points here and we can kiss the title goodbye,as far as I am concerned forget the treble treble, could not care less if we lost on Wednesday coming,we have to get a firm grip of ourselves,and concentrate on bigger things,many may not agree with me,but it is a personal view of what is happening,hh.

  16. Everybody has to share the blamed here (although the board should’ve strengthen last year) Too many players have been lost and sold to other teams (for what they’re worth) Celtic have always been a selling club, even Celtics greats have been moved on, as they fell foul of the chairmen, suit’s or management. This situation will never change whether the Hoops are winning or not. Can the Hoops supporter wait until January for new face’s. As mentioned by previous posters, EVERYBODYHAS TO STEP UP AND TAKE THE TEAM FORWARDS. Maybe the Hoops fans are spoilt chasing TIAR to notice (My Arse they are) Time for a clear oot of the players who can’t get a game, or a chance to shine. And get the correct replacement of what’s needed soon.


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