Steven Gerrard has given up on addressing the football world. He knows his number is up and his job is in jeopardy. Somehow, he has worked out he doesn’t need to impress the wider football audience, just his own mob. With them onside, his job is ok, even if that means constantly embarrassing himself when a camera is rolling.

The latest proof of this is his comments on the Ryan Kent assault at the weekend. Actual video footage is not good enough for Gerrard, he has still managed to put some spin on his player punching Scott Brown and knocking him to the ground.

Speaking with Record Sport the manager said:

“We have our version of events on Ryan Kent, we have challenged it and we will wait and see. “We don’t think it was in the face and the photo makes it look worse than it was. Ryan was just pushing him away to get him out of his face after being provoked.”

The Liverpool man seems to be losing his sight as well as his mind as all the pressure of trailing Celtic by 13 points starts to weigh heavy. When you push someone you use open hands, you close your fist to punch a person. Nobody cares what your version of actual facts are.


  1. I do think they are going to keep hold of SG for next season but how long he will last no one knows but it could be in the first three months he could get the sack,if Celtic buy in the players the gap will grow bigger again, so if SG gets to spend £10 or £15 million then Celtic will spend £30 million and the gap will grow even bigger give NL £30 million and let him turn the screw tight and go for 10 in a row…

  2. This guy should look up ‘ Knee jerk responce ‘ And he will see him scoring an own goal. Over and over and over again. Can’t beat the system, so just join in and enjoy the ride. Mr SG.


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