JOHN HARTSON has slammed anyone who throws coins at players at a football game but the former Celtic man believes Kris Boyd’s comments after the game about Celtic fans came from a bitter place with the player smarting after Celtic’s late win.

Boyd’s actual team who pay his wages conceded a late goal to Scott Brown of all people to ensure the bhoys took a commanding lead in the SPFL. Hartson intimated that Kris is probably more upset about the match outcome than anything else that went on during the game and tried to pull the Celtic support down to make himself feel better.

Over the season we’ve had Kris Speaking about Celtic, telling everyone there’s a ‘split in the dressing room’ he constantly talks up The Rangers chances of winning the league even when his own side were on the same points as the Ibrox outfit and generally goes out his way to try and push a pro Gers narrative.

John Hartson sees right through the player’s issues.

“Kris had a little pop about Celtic fans being the “so-called best in the world” but I just think a little bit of that comes down to the fact he played for Rangers” Hartson told the EveningTimes. ”He is a Rangers fan. His Kilmarnock team had just lost a last minute goal, a goal that changed the complexion of the title race.

“We all know what team he bats he for just as you know what team myself and Chris Sutton bat for.

“That’s just the way it is.“


  1. Oh yes! He is a hypocritical example of someone who brings it on himself and yes, we ALL know what he is, as well as knowing the team he supports. Bigots attract attention.

  2. Boyd knew he’d inflame the Celtic support by warming up in front of them but why are our supporters so daft as to react by throwing objects at him.
    As for the pitch invasions and trashing of seats,let’s leave that to the Sevconians.
    All we’re doing with these actions is giving our enemies a stick to beat the club with HH


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