CLUJ are trying their best to gain any advantage they can as they head for Celtic Park on Tuesday night. The Romanian side have been the most vocal European opposition in recent memory with the amount they have said before both games.

It was over the weekend the Cluj manager was warning against the referee favouring Celtic in the hot cauldron of Celtic Park. Now, after targeting the referee the Cluj captain has taken a different approach.

Adrain Paun has claimed in the media it will take a ‘mircale’ to beat Celtic on their own patch on Tuesday night. The player admitting it will be extremely tough but if you believe the Cluj players think it would take a miracle to beat Celtic then you might just have been born yesterday.

“We need a miracle to qualify.” claimed the Cluj Captain to SunSport.

“The morale in the squad is excellent at the moment and we are playing some nice football, but to go through in Glasgow, it’s a miracle we need.

“It will be extremely tough to play a team like Celtic at their own stadium and we have to score.

“But what is pleasing at the moment is that we have a squad who look like we can score goals. We made a lot of changes for the weekend win.”

Celtic got a vital away goal in the tie last week in Romania but they still have a lot to do before they can rest easy in the tie. There will be no Celtic players thinking the job is done.

A playoff game against Slavia Prague awaits the club who win this tie.


  1. Heard it all before we know you have a good team and win games away from home,we will not take our eye off the ball we know you come with nothing to lose and that you will go for a win,but like you we will get stuck right in and hope we score more goals than yous…
    Bring it on we will be ready….


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