Carl Starfelt has had a poor start to life at Celtic – culminating in his first goal for the club being an own goal for Alkmaar in the Europa League.

The Swede’s mistake brought me back to Ange Postecoglou when he first came into the club. The Hoops boss was not concerned about mistakes being made, what he wanted to see was the resilience and the character to come back from a mistake – get the head down and keep going.

I think we got a second half performance out of Starfelt that was lacking in the first.

The centre-back is the oldest player in defence and was flanked by three academy players this evening. It will not be easy to bed into that sort of environment and play the sort of expansive football the manager is looking for.

The mistake tonight was horrendous, let’s not sugar coat it. The centre-back gave Alkmaar a massive shot in the arm and it could have been fatal, but vitally, it wasn’t.

Carl will have to convince the most critical of fans he’s up for the task. His character tonight in the second half and his resolute defending gives us something to cling to.

You can’t have too many of those howlers in a Celtic jersey before the fans will be on your back. Carl must regroup and if he can put in a solid performance at Ibrox, he will start to change some minds.


  1. I’ve suggested well before tonight, that he appears quite dodgy. He needs to settle in very soon or we could have another Duffy on our hands.

  2. More importantly who thought he was worth £4.5m in the first place.Who is making these decisions????
    He has been dodgy from the outset and outshone by academy players at the start of their careers.

  3. Serious, he has been poor VFM,
    Poor in the air, slow on the ground and lack of awareness is a major problem.
    He is like bitton, will cost us again and again. Poor signing and trying to deflect in 3 academy players is frankly ridiculous . He is a major let down, weak point and basically pretty poor for what we paid.

  4. I know he had few dodgy moments but though last 25 mins he headed everything could see him talking to rest of back 4 and pushing midfield up. I get own goal he hasn’t covered himself in glory but think could be useful. Moving to left side has been better. Was concerned tonight with balls down full backs but Montgomery and Ralston got back in early. Glad Agne didn’t put Bolingoli on just realise him now for me should never be a Celtic player. Get can make mistakes but he put team mates and opponents at risk from terrible virus.

    • Thought the so called Academy players were very good again,Welsh and Ralston have been brilliant and young Monty brilliant last night,I like Taylor but the pace and reading of the game,don’t think he would of coped as well as Monty

  5. Bomb-scare from day one tbh, his facial expressions makes him look a very nervous player, who signed him.? Same person at club who decided barkas was worth paying 5milion for I suppose..

  6. 3 academy kids, a new keeper, a new club, a new manager, a new game style.
    I’d like to think he can come back from a poor start and make an impression on the youngster in his defensive group.
    Maybe with the experience from new signing of Juranovic, and Hart getting more used to the game style (lets not forget his mistake from a back poor back pass) we can get some stabilisation out of the back 5


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