There are no cheap shots coming here or personal insults on the way but we have to take issue with Charlie Nicholas and his default position when it comes to Celtic.

Over the years, the former Celtic player has alienated a lot of support who used to cheer him on from the stands. The feeling that Charlie isn’t giving Celtic a fair crack at the whip when it comes to how he portrays his former club is very real. The pundit constantly talks Celtic down in the press.

We’re not looking for a Celtic sycophant or a Derek Johnstone type figure who will just blindly go with the flow – our former players having a go sometimes is no big deal and should be welcomed. We are critical fanbase and we have high standards, so do many of our ex-pros.

However, the tediousness of seeing Charlie on Sky Sports talking about Celtic always draws a sigh from this Celtic fan. Nine times out of ten he will tell his English buddies how out of our depth we are etc.

Charlie constantly looks for the Celtic negative and shines a light on it for the Sky Sports cameras. People might think, well hey, that’s his opinion but if we look at his latest comments on Celtic it becomes clear his opinion is based on someone who watches Sky Sports News to keep up with the club (Not Advisable).

Speaking about Celtic’s chances in Rennes, Nicholas immediately writes us off. He tells Sky Sports we will not threaten – especially because we have defensive injury problems…

Nicholas writes on SkySports: “Celtic still have defensive injuries and will not threaten here”

Sorry, what defensive problems Charlie? He’s speaking like a guy who hasn’t even checked in with Celtic since they beat Steven Gerrard’s men at Ibrox with a patched-up defence. I’d have a cheeky bet that Nicholas finds out what any given Celtic score is on a Monday morning, two days after the game after being on a result show on the Saturday!

Celtic are pretty much at full strength when it comes to defence and you can bet your bottom dollar the Jozo surgery news didn’t come out until after Nicholas had given his opinion. Even at that, the preferred centre-half pairing would be Ajer and Jullien for the Rennes game. Simply put, Nicholas doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

That’s the crux of my beef with the former Celtic player. Being wheeled out as an expert on Celtic for Sky Sports just because he used to pull on the Hoops when in reality you might get more sense or knowledge out of Ian Holloway who might even be a little bit more positive.

It’s faux interest in his old club to appease his employers from where I’m sitting.

We don’t always agree with Chris Sutton on things but he immersed himself in Scottish football and champions our game on a regular basis. Nicholas is so far detached his opinion is worth very little to anyone.


  1. Charlie Nicholas has had a giant chip o n his shoulder ever since wee Fergus found him out and identified him as a nonproducer and an oncost to the club and got rid of him.He even tried to scupper the share issue by going public telling everyone that he would not be investing as he did not think it would be a success

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