The headline part of a famous Henrik Larsson song back in the day and just a bit of fun. Although Mr Alan Shearer has waded into Scottish football on his visit to Aberdeen this week. Now it seems the little ditty that Celtic fans used to sing about the King of Kings with the Newcastle striker’s name flowing through it, might just very well be accurate.

When asked about Scottish football we got a typical English response from the Newcastle Legend. He spoke about Celtic and Rangers and how it was in everyone’s best interests for Rangers (In the form they now take) to be a part of the Scottish top flight.

He also said Martin O’Neill tried to sign him on two separate occasions for Celtic but the timing was never right.

“I actually spoke to Martin O’Neill twice about moving to Celtic a few years ago when I thought I might be leaving Newcastle. What if? Nah, I never look back.” said the retired frontman.

Alan Shearer Testimonial - Newcastle United v Celtic

Celtic were the opponents for Shearer’s testimonial back when he was retiring, that game coming straight from a WWE script book with a pre-determined end to proceedings.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but for us North of the border all we have to say is “Please don’t take our Larsson away!”.




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