The president of Cruzeiro, Wagner Pires de Sá has weighed into the speculation linking his midfielder Giorgian de Arrascaeta away from the club.

Celtic and Newcastle have been linked with the player over the past 24 hours after the 24-year-old played in two of Uruguay’s World Cup games this summer where he acquitted himself well.

The player was signed by Cruzeiro for around £3.6million and it’s believed the Brazilians would want upwards of £5million for their star.

Speaking about his player’s future just last week, the Cruzeiro president said if the right offer comes in then they would sell Giorgian.

“If there’s a great opportunity that interests Arrascaeta and is also a good deal for Cruzeiro, we will look at that. We would never go against the will of the man.”

“But right now under present circumstances, he wants to continue with Cruzeiro. Of course there’s going to be speculation – he’s a great player but so far it’s all just speculation”

The Brazilian football season ends in December and it’s very unlikely the club or player will seek a move before that time.

It’s likely the club will cash in on the player at some point with the president also addressing financial concerns at the club.

“We, like all Brazilian football, are experiencing financial difficulties. It is no secret to anyone. Speculations that this and that owe, there will always be. I believe that Cruzeiro, in relation to most clubs in Brazil, is average. Not worse, not better. It is the reality of Brazilian football.”

If Celtic are interesting in bringing the player in, there’s every chance a deal could be done in January.



  1. Dont know why these journos,Bring things like this About,We have plenty in mdfield and McGinns in the pipeline.And We Are On The Treble Treble Road to Wonderful History Making.This Is How it Feels To Be Celtic..HH


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