If you live in the UK you have experienced some sort of extreme weather over the past 48 hours. Either snow, rain, strong winds and if you’re really unlucky – all of the above.

With weather worsening and temperatures expected to drop over the weekend there is no guarantee that the Hamilton vs Celtic game will go ahead.

Of course this is a matter for the SPFL officials on the morning of the game to decide. With more rain and snow forecasted on Saturday nothing can be taken for granted.

Celtic’s New Years day tie with Partick Thistle was called off because a water logged pitch which seen Celtic fall behind Aberdeen in the SPFL. Another call off could see them fall further behind albeit with games in hand to get back to the summit.  However, with weather worsening around the country it won’t just be Celtic’s game which may fall foul of the weather.

We would urge people heading along to New Douglas Park this weekend to set out early and give themselves plenty of time to get there. Also dig all the thermals you have out your closet! If the game does go ahead it’s going to be a cold one.

Cue some of the less sober lads taking off their tops on the day.


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