Ange Postecoglou’s former side South Melbourne has been enjoying a social media number boost thanks to Celtic fans who found their congratulations tweet to the Celtic manager in the aftermath of the Cup Final.

Ange made 193 appearances for South Melbourne as a player and managed them between 1996 and 2000. The Australian club is very proud of their former player and gaffer and like so many in Australia, they’re rooting for Ange in Glasgow.

The number of Australian football accounts, pundits etc who have come out since Sunday to congratulate Celtic and the manager has been overwhelming.

The lads down under see Ange as the perfect vehicle to raise the profile of Australian football and every time he succeeds they feel a little more vindicated.

It was pundits from Australia and Japan who helped fill in Celtic fans on Ange when he was first announced as the Celtic boss. We didn’t know very much about the manager when he was set to be announced. We quickly got a brilliant picture from others who knew the gaffer well, and to be fair to them, everything they’ve said has been spot on so far.


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