If, like me, you’re on the outside looking in on the election results in the UK- you’ll see Boris Johnson has performed much better than people were expecting. On the other hand, the SNP have performed well in Scotland, leading to more talk of Indyref 2 being inevitable.

We have watched a few fallouts on our social media pages over the past few weeks with a very small amount of Celtic supporting Tory voters getting told to sling their hook.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Rod Stewart’s latest tweet congratulating the Tory leader hasn’t gone down to well with these Celtic fans.


That is a small snippet of the non-stop pelters the singer is facing right now on the social media platform. Rod has his own seat at Celtic Park and has brought Celtic fans favourite ballad, Grace, on tour with him. Last week the singer visited Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol and Glasnevin cemetery to follow up on the roots of the song. This was also met with a negative reaction because of his CBE (Commander Of The British Empire) title.

Rod seems a little confused about what mixes well and his best bet now is to remove his tweet and keep his mixed up loyalties to himself.


  1. I voted for who I wanted in GE. He is entitled to vote for who he likes. Stop being so petty, the man is a great ambassador for our club. Give him the credit he is due and forget the politics.


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