With many UK and Scottish publications looking to sensationalise what happened in Rome on Wednesday night – it was down to Clyde One Sports Reporter Alison Conroy to get the REAL lowdown on what went on in the city and at the particular bar where one Celtic fan was stabbed.


Conroy asked for the Celtic supporter Dennis Connely’s first hand account of what went on as they sat in the bar enjoying themselves.

Dennis details 15-20 men making their way to the bar very quickly and taking a pocket knife to a 55-year-old Celtic fan who was out having a smoke. They stabbed the Celtic fan in the leg and at which point the supporters got inside the bar and the staff barricaded the door until the police came.

Celtic Fan Dennis was very well-spoken and played down the sort of sensationalist nonsense going on back home.

We hope everybody stays safe this evening and for the rest of their trip to Rome.


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