Yes, another Celtic in the EPL story (kind of), look away now if you’re easily aggravated.

If you have been following the ongoing political movement in Catalonia then you will know there has been much discussion about where Barcelona would play their football should Catalonia separate from Spain.

While it’s likely they wouldn’t move at all in the event of Catalan independence that’s not stopped some in the EPL trying to open the door for the football giants to head to the UK.

When asked about the possibility of seeing a Barcelona in the Premier League – Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was sceptical.

“It’s an interesting situation to see how it will develops because it will have an impact on the sporting side as Barcelona is a highly political club.

“But we have enough clubs here, 20, if you want to go up to 24, but before we have to welcome the Scottish before we go to the Spanish.”

Both seem far-fetched.


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