If you subscribe to the theory ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ then you may be sitting today wondering why Neil Lennon decided to voice his displeasure in public at Olivier Ntcham voicing his displeasure in public.

It’s a sideshow we don’t need and we’re confident Neil Lennon and whomever at the club will deal with this issue will do so swiftly. However, was there any point in going into details about what Ntcham said during his Sarajevo press conference on Monday evening.

The Irishman tries to answer questions as honest as possible but when it comes to petulant players who want to go public, should the gaffer rise above it and keep it all in-house?

This one will divide opinion and there are so many passionate fans who will be behind Neil Lennon, metaphorically patting him on the back for making it clear he and the squad were unhappy and disappointed with the Frenchman’s comments. This would go without saying surely?

To add fuel to the fire that Olivier has started is probably not wise, especially if you want to sell the player this summer.

It’s all about opinions but if there’s nothing to gain from making comments on a particular player’s attitude then why even spend time on it in the public domain?

Hopefully, Neil and the board deal with this matter privately and hopefully move Ntcham on for a decent price this summer.

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