WEST BROM’S technical director Luke Dowling has unleashed an astonishing attack on Celtic manager Neil Lennon because the Irishman didn’t play him as much when he took over at Celtic.

The director spit the dummy out completely on Neil Lennon and personally called him out for treating Oli Burke badly.

He praised Lee Congerton and Brendan Rodgers with the Scottish internationalist seeing more game time at the start of his Celtic loan.

The player fell away when Rodgers slithered out of Celtic Park – these things happen.

However, Dowling has chosen to make an issue of it. West Brom have spent a large amount of money on Burke and to be seen not getting a game in Scottish football will see the players perceived value dropped.

Dowling was furious:

“He won’t be going anywhere near Celtic with the current manager.” he told RecordSport.

“We sent Olly to Celtic in good faith with Brendan Rodgers and Lee Congerton, there were some really good people up there that wanted to take Olly and wanted to play him.

“Once Brendan left to go to Leicester the treatment he got from the manager that’s in place now is something we don’t expect for one of our players.

“He won’t be going anywhere near Celtic FC. We currently have a new manager that’s excited to start working and looking at Olly.”

“We believe he’s got an opportunity back here with a new manager in place. Through no fault of his own he’s been bought twice for £15m.

“When West Brom bought him, look at the games he’d started, I think there was only 19 in his career. Nineteen games and you’ve been sold twice for £15m.”

Burke had his ups and downs at Celtic – he started off strong but when he did get his chance under Lennon, he just didn’t get going. He had a howler at Ibrox, missed a sitter against Livingston and showed very little to merit his place.



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