The player appealed the decision after the referee looked like he was going for a yellow card before the County players reaction sent him looking for his red.

This has put the west of Scotland on high alert for meltdown-mania as the steam flows through the ears of opposition fans who usually have their fingers firmly plugged in them.

Scott Brown is FREE to play against The Rangers this weekend and help boss the midfield like he did on Sunday after having the red reduced to a yellow.

We knew Broony would get the nod, the sending off was a dubious decision at best 😉


  1. With Broony playing we’ve got a chance of a draw,considering the ref is Beaton and Season Ticket Madden is assisting.Thought Peter was running SFA? This isn’t good enough Peter,why no Don Robertson?GF10

  2. The bigots at the SFA were left with NO CHOICE after the other incredibly incorrect decisions last weekend, including and especially the horrific challenge by Halliday on Sunday, which was absolutely reckless. They were crapping themselves as the inconsistency was clear to all.

    The effect of the decision to award and the horrendous non-goal for Motherwell against Caley Thistle the previous weekend, together with the awarding of the penalty in our game, which was not a penalty, has badly affected Caley’s chances of avoiding relegation and has outed the agenda which has been obvious from some referees throughout the season. Shameful refereeing all round. They are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and NEITHER ARE THE SFA. These decisions do NOT even themselves out – that is a lie. Dodgy decisions are never seen against Lite at the Bigotdome and rarely at other grounds. They must think we are all stupid.

    The diving and cheating Ross County player should also be even more ashamed of himself now, as should his colleagues be as they surrounded and influenced the referee in the heat of the moment and this decision nows shows them for what they are. Trying to influence the referee to get someone sent off as well as diving to get a penalty shows Ross County up for the CHEATS they are. I have lost any respect I ever had for them.

    There is a clear case to use video technology as the refs are either BENT or INCOMPETENT. Why is it not used? They would have to admit there and then to their “mistakes” and could NOT get away with dodgy decisions anymore.

  3. The tackle was not that bad as the assaults on Celtic players at the semi was no more than shocking pure assault there is supporters getting arrested for nothing or a lot less and getting banned so why do football player and managers aloud to shove assault swear and nothing done ??? hh ktf

  4. Not to mention the time a Ross County player had his arms around Craig Gordon to prevent him getting the ball at a corner kick, and right in front of the Refs nose.


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