It seems a press conference or even a harmless campaign to kick off SPFL player of the season isn’t safe for Celtic players or the management when they’re trying to mind their own business. I am referring to the newest headlines today where Kris Commons openly spoke about Rangers and how they aren’t anywhere near the standard of Celtic. A fair enough comment you might think, but a comment that’s been made after a question has been put to the player. There are certain people out there who need for Celtic and Rangers to be mentioned in the same breath as often as possible. Our manager even being asked a question about Rangers in a one on one with ex-Celt Chris Sutton which again the manager answered honestly. There is a constant recurring theme Celtic players, managers and even directors get asked about the club across the city when they really have nothing to do with us. At which point do Celtic say enough is enough? If Rangers finally reach the Premiership then all these questions can be answered on a pitch. Until then, they quite literally are not in our league. There seems to be rhetoric round the Rangers support who look for some crumb of comfort that we’re somehow pining after them and the media are only too happy to pat these wee souls on the head and say “of course they miss you”. Celtic took the line long ago that they don’t use the word Old Firm and they didn’t even use it once when we faced off against Newco at Hampden. On the other hand Rangers International are only too happy to cling-on to the coattails of Celtic. Who is pining after whom? Celts Are Here This season is turning out to be one of the most memorable campaigns I can remember in a long time and that has nothing to do with any other team other than Celtic. Lets keep it that way.


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