SCOTT McDonald has blasted the Australian FA and the Socceroos boss for not allowing Tom Rogic and the three Hib’s players to stay behind and play in their derbies before heading to Dubai.

The former Celtic and Australian international went on a bit of a tirade during BBC Sportsound – pointing the finger at Arnold and confused as to what logic has been used to reach their decision.

Mcdonald Said: “I don’t know what the Australian FFA and Graham Arnold are playing at.

“I don’t see why these players can’t play on the 29th and get straight on a flight to Dubai.

“There’s plenty of time to recover. If it was me, I’d certainly want to play in the Old Firm fixture.

“The only other thing is that I could put it down to is that the FFA has a new board.

“Maybe they’re flexing a little muscle. I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t allow these players to play these fixtures.” The former striker told the BBC as cited on SunSport.

The Ibrox club has certainly been given an advantage by the FFA with Tom Rogic being one of Celtic’s most menacing and prolific players in these matchups.

It will be up to the Bhoys to cope with his absence, and they are able to do so. However, it doesn’t make the situation any less farcical.

With three days of a difference and Australia not lined up to play Jordan until January 6th, where was the harm?

Celtic go to Ibrox on Saturday hoping to keep their winning Ibrox run going with Brendan Rodgers.



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