After seeing John McGinn slip through their fingers Celtic fans are a bit irritated with how transfer dealings are going down at Celtic Park as of late.

The Celtic board were more reactive than pro-active in the McGinn transfer which was ultimately their downfall.

However, in general, Celtic fans are wondering what the scouting system is doing for Celtic at the moment and asking what head of recruitment Lee Congerton is doing to earn his keep. There has been a lack of quality coming in and the likes of Compper coming in to do nothing has got people asking questions.

Lee was brought in by Rodgers to head up recruitment and there seem to be more hits than misses.

With Celtic now looking at bringing in former players they already know about – it stands to reason some people would question what’s going on.



  1. We all realise that we must run a financially prudent club but the McGinn affair brings home the lack of ambition the board have and the disdain they have for other Scottish teams. They tried to rob Hibs of their best player and hoped McGinns love of Celtic would be enough to do the deal. If they were buying him from PSG it would have been a fee in line with Édouard’s. If McGinn wasn’t worth £3m plus why the hell would we want him in the first place. Either back Rogers realistically or we will be rooting around for another Ronnie to manage us.

  2. What I have a grievance about is the board of directors that are milking there investment, the Celtic support have bought the season tickets, with money to buy players and a few over the year have sold on for a good profit these players are more the celtic supports players bought and paid for, but do not share in there wealth , the board are using Celtic fans money to build hotels and such like with the fan money generated, the end result means if you are a share holder you are not asked to bank roll their idea in corporate ventures ,but once completed dividends pay rewards to share holder at the club’s supporters expence, we have generated 40 million and spent very
    Little. This money was not figured in any account yet the board seem to think they are better in charge of our funds Celtic football club and its support must hold at least 75% of its club yet getting so little of its rewards when players are needed to strengthen, if our budget was to run high and we fail champions league that year surely the support are able to accept the cloth needs cut then, not before money for hotels I have no problem with ,as long as it is share holder funded


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