The Evening Times has embarrassed themselves with their latest headline on the Glasgow Derby after they report Police Scotland took a view on Scott Brown’s on-field antics and whether they deserved any criminal investigation or not.

The only criticism Scott Brown has faced is from people who are content with him being goaded but not so happy when he’s successfully playing mind games with Celtic’s Glasgow rivals. The sight of the Celtic captain smiling back at players who are trying to assault him, or successfully assaulting him is too much for some. It was the Scott Brown show during the Glasgow Derby and they were sick, but the player never raised a hand, never did anything out of turn and played a significant role in the win.

The ET ‘confirmed’ that Police Scotland ‘took a view’ on Scott Brown’s actions during the game to see if they warranted any action.

Just take a moment to stop and think about that if true; Police Scotland have sat down, looked at a guy doing his job, and doing it well at the expense of other’s sanity and he was in the firing line of potential criminal proceedings.

Unless the ET has spoken to someone directly, Brown’s name is never mentioned or specific antics brought up.

Here is a spokesperson for Police Scotland.

“After consulting with the Crown Office and reviewing the circumstances, Police Scotland is content that the actions of players at the Celtic v Rangers SPFL match on Sunday March 31 2019 were in the wider context of a sporting event.

“The actions of the players involved are for the relevant sporting authorities to address.”


  1. They can doctor it up as much as they like and try and force the blame on Celtic players but the footage shows who was to blame and all players who lift there hands should be sent off,the ref should have ruled this game but he let to much get out of control,and like before in the bad old days fans start fighting the buck stops with the ref and linesmen they need show the players and fans who is in control by sending off players for lifting there hands and arms to hit out and repeating fouling the ref and linesman should have sent off three maybe four of there players,these players call themself professional footballers there are kids teams under 16 and under 10 teams that act more professional than those footballers who took to violence the biggest question needs to be asked what football team never mind any one of the top teams that would want to have players in there team that turn to violence when getting what is called part and parcel of the game by verbal wound up with fair hard play look to be the best in any sport you must have the right temperament to make it to the top with Controlled aggression and that is sadly lacking in those players who resort to lifting hands and hitting out…

  2. Who are these people that ,ask the police to see if there are criminal charges to be had, borough against Scott Brown the Evening times must have a heads up

  3. Have I missed something the Police want to interview Scott Brown (capt) Our Team Captain’s behaviour was exemplary, He was immense and as per usual he was targeted by thugs and smiled he was decked and he just got back up with the “Broooony Smile and carried on doing what he does best, This is the “Broooony” that we all love and admire, This had taken me back to the time when, The Wee Man Jimmy (Jinky) Johnstone was also a victim of physical assault by A. Madrid Thugs, Wee Jimmy got back on his feet smiled and carried on doing what the wee man did best, God Rest His Soul, Also the other bhoys deserve so much credit and praise for their performance during and after winning the game 2-1 Against The Manky Mob’s Thugs, “So Well Done Bhoys & Neil Lennon, The last word goes to our Celtic Family, Who supported the bhoys with their singing inside Paradise, Our Supporters who are second to none are, The Best Behaved Supporters In The World {OFFICIAL} 13 Points Clear, 8 IN A ROW SPL CHAMPIONS And The Scottish Cup Shall Be Coming Back Home To Paradise & The Yet Again Another History Making Treble, Then Here We Go For Number 9 & 10 SPL History Making Bhoys, “We Do Our Talking” Playing Beautiful Inventive Football, The Glasgow Celtic Way YNWA HH.


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