It’s incredible this time last week, all was well and Brendan Rodgers was preparing Celtic to play Motherwell at home in the SPFL after his side put up a spirited display against Valencia.

Fast forward a week and there is genuinely bad blood after he cut and run from Celtic very quickly in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

It was a shock that gave birth to a lot of ill feeling and that spilt over into Tynecastle on Wednesday night when there was a banner calling the Irishman a fraud and never a ‘Celt’.

Speaking during a one on one interview with the Evening Times, the former Celtic manager was asked what he would say to the people who have been angry with him, displayed that banner and to the ones who were caught chanting a ridiculous song about him in a bar.

“What the f*** are you doing? Bloody hell, I’m one of you. Okay, I made a career decision. It doesn’t make me any less of a Celt.”

“I’m someone who turned up at half seven every morning of his life, was in there until all hours of the night, took over 60 games a season, preparing a team, changing a culture and a standard at a club, filling the support again.”

Yes, Brendan, you were paid a very handsome wage to do what you did, should we get the violins out?

We gave you our heart and soul and backed you all the way – you left us in the lurch and are so far away from the fallout you can’t understand it.


  1. You just can’t be trusted Rodgers. Sutton’s interview with you showed what a deceitful person you really are. One could see The total disdain on his face as he questioned you. He knew you were nowhere near telling the truth and looked very uncomfortable indeed. Your values are all wrong.

  2. Celtic fans turn up Constantly,Not just at the back of 7 of a morning.Celtics either in you or its Not.Each and Every Bhoy n Ghirl would without question Understand if you had left for Man U Arsenal or Chelsea,But to leave the way you did and for Leicester.Shows the character and thought thats gone into everything thats happened.Even trying to take John Kennedy along with you.Brendan,Deep down,Your no Celtic man.You say what you know the support will love hearing.Endearing the support,To You.Ten Years or Twenty years from now.You will forever be remembered as Judas.Neil Lennon will finish what he started.Tens Coming.In the cold light of day.This showed Rodgers for exactly what he is..HfH

  3. Those fans sang your praises and your name wk in wk out and you repay us with leaving the way you did. Once a Celt always a Celt, once a fraud always a fraud. It will always be remembered what this club achieved with you at the helm but you will NEVER be accepted back at Celtuc Park.


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