Celtic hit the road again for the third time in a week as they head to Germany for the second meeting with Borussia Monchengladbach.

Still undefeated domestically this season, Celtic have found their reintroduction to the Champions League rather turbulent. With a humbling in Barcelona to leading Manchester City three times, it hs been a learning curve.

If you approach with the correct mindset then even if you’re losing you can also be learning and if Celtic want to show they’ve learned from their mistakes two weeks ago in Paradise against ‘a German Team’ then they will look to put in a performance against the well polished side.

If I wasn’t a Celtic fan I’d have been gushing about the performance of the Germans at Celtic Park. Moving the ball quickly, efficiently and hunting in packs to great effect. Most Celtic fans were humble enough to put their hands up at the end of the night and admit we were beaten by the better team.

Borussia played the technical side of the game very well and put Celtic to the sword. HOWEVER, it has to be said that while Monchengladbach did dominate long spells of the game if it wasn’t for two individual mistakes by the apologetic Kolo Toure then Celtic were weathering the storm.

Ultimately we lost, but now we must learn. It will be a very different game in Germany and Celtic are not expected to do much after the first leg. The players will look at that and be able to play with a certain amount of freedom as they go about their business.

We all know Celtic and traveling in Europe don’t usually marry well and we’ll be up against it from kick off but there’s potential and talent in that side that even if winning is a stretch, we certainly can give the Germans a fright.

Expecting a good encounter with both sets of fans adding to the occasion.

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  1. Well said, spot on, we need to recognise what we can learn even from, and perhaps particularly from, defeat and playing against sides as good as this can only be to our long term benefit.


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