It’s become a post match ritual these days.

The Rangers TV has been a source of much comedy and hilarity when celtic beat the Ibrox side and yesterday was no different.

We have had some top quotes over the last two years from ‘five’ to ‘we’ll just take that to the SFA in the marnin’

Here is yesterday’s commentary.



  1. They are so far up Thier own bums they really are deluded! Very funny TV station,.Do you think they are slightly bias¡? Great result, great team performance , and they , sevco are just another wee shift team that lifts Thier game when they come up against the famous hoops!! Hail. Hail

  2. What a pair of muppets
    Getting all worked up. Lads when the next game comes around do yourselves a favour, don’t be getting too excited you could do yourselves harm.
    We worry about you hahahahahahahaha
    Hail Hail

  3. Some episodes of Tom n Jerry are less entertaining “The Rangers”. 2. Celtic 3 statement is pure classic and the goalie piece will go down in folklore two well skelpt Huns to join the rest of the pack of LOSERS.


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